City of Austin Performance Report 2015-16

Percent of Structure Fires Confined to Room of Origin 

Measure Description
This measure indicates Austin Fire Department’s success in controlling the amount of damage citywide in residential, commercial, and industrial structure fires. Factors that affect performance include the presence of a high quality fleet, a well-trained workforce, effective on-scene standard operating guidelines, and a strong incident command structure. This measure is further affected by the number of firefighters that can get to the scene quickly, the age and construction type of the structure, regular fire prevention inspections, and public safety education efforts.
Calculation Method
This measure is the sum of the number of fires confined to object of origin and room of origin, divided by the total number of structure fires occurring within the city of Austin. The measure excludes fires occurring on outdoor structures such as bridges, fences, and bus stops.
FY 2015-16 Results
AFD contained 83 percent of structure fires to room of origin. 
Assessment of Results
In FY 2015-16 AFD confined 83 percent of structure fires to room of origin, a one percent decrease from FY 2014-15. Performance was highest among multi-family dwellings and other residential property types at 92 percent. AFD saw a two percent improvement in both single family dwellings and multi-family dwellings confined to room of origin as compared to FY 2014-15.
Next Steps
AFD constantly looks for opportunities to collaborate with neighboring communities through Automatic Aid Agreements to ensure that an effective firefighting force can respond quickly throughout the city. Automatic Aid will be expanded from 6 agreements with surrounding Emergency Service Districts to 13 Emergency Service Districts. Following major fire events, the Community Outreach division canvasses neighborhoods to provide free smoke alarms, provide information about the incident, and educate the public on fire safety. In FY 2015-16, AFD conducted a total of 36,259 building inspections, which included both maintenance and fire technical inspections. AFD will continue to conduct various building and maintenance inspections to ensure that new construction and multi-family residences maintain fire code.  These efforts are expected to have a positive impact upon this performance measure.
Contact Information
For more information, contact Brian Tanzola, Assistant Chief, (512) 974-0148.