City of Austin Performance Report 2014-15

Percentage of Passengers Ranking Overall Satisfaction with the Airport "Excellent"

Measure Description
The primary trade organization for airports, Airports Council International, conducts rigorous customer satisfaction surveys at airports all around the globe. The Airports Council International (ACI) survey is a quality customer service survey designed to evaluate what is important at the airport from the customers’ point of view. Overall satisfaction, cleanliness, courtesy and helpfulness are some of the areas addressed in the ACI survey.
Calculation Method
The survey results are provided by Airports Council International of North America. The number of participants who scored Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA) as a “5 – Excellent” in Overall Satisfaction is taken as a percentage of the total number of participants.
FY 2014-15 Results
The goal for this measure was established at 45%. The Airport closed the year with a final result of 48.8%.
Assessment of Results
The percentage of passengers ranking overall satisfaction “Excellent” in FY 2014-15 increased by 3.3% compared to the FY 2013-14. The airport is committed to the continuous improvement of the passenger experience. To aid the reduction of waiting times, a new passenger screening checkpoint with six lanes that could expand to ten lanes opened during FY 2014-15. Common use gate terminals were installed to help reduce wait times for passengers. Terminal improvement projects are underway to improve the terminal ambiance. ABIA participated in a number of programs such as the Pre-Check initiative and the Clear program so that travelers receive expedited screening when they travel.
The Airport Service Quality Survey rankings were based on the results of over 300,000 questionnaires completed by passengers at more than 265 airports in more than 70 countries. The survey captures the passengers’ perception of the quality of more than 34 aspects of service. A total of 1,400 surveys are completed every year by passengers at ABIA. ABIA continues to rank very high amongst other airports. ABIA uses the survey tool to determine possible service gaps, identify best practices in quality services from the world’s top-performing airports, and understand where to focus efforts and investments by identifying the service improvements that have the greatest impact on customer satisfaction.
Image of inside of airport
Next Steps
The airport is committed to maintaining high customer service ratings. The terminal gate and apron expansion project is currently in the design phase. The terminal expansion will add approximately 70,000 square feet of new hold room space, concessions, restroom facilities, and concourse circulation space, which is a 23% increase. The new terminal space is expected to accommodate four million additional customers. Construction of 2,000 new, covered parking spaces and facilities, including a pet boarding service, is underway.
Contact Information
For more information contact Ghizlane Badawi, Deputy Chief Operations Officer, at (512) 530-8846.