Number and percentage of unique individuals incarcerated in local jail, state prison, or federal prison, or jailed awaiting trial

In March 2018, the Austin City Council took action to adopt Strategic Direction 2023. During the adoption discussion, they added the following metric: Number and percentage of unique individuals incarcerated in local jail, state prison, or federal prison, or jailed awaiting trial. As staff researched how to collect the data for this metric, it reviewed a number of websites (each noted below). Ultimately, it was determined that it is not possible to efficiently and consistently gather the data necessary to report it as desired. However, staff is still committed to sharing how the public can view information related to incarceration at the local, state, and federal levels.
County (Local) Incarceration Data
The Travis County Justice Planning Department created an interactive Jail Population Dashboard to provide an in-depth look into arrests/bookings in Travis County. According to their site, "the report utilizes the most current data from the Travis County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) records management database to create counts, averages, and percentages to highlight trends in the criminal justice system to better inform stakeholders and the public. Please note that data entered in TCSO’s records management database is not intended to be used for complex data analysis, but is able to provide with a high degree of accuracy, an account of arrests/bookings trends." Users can view current jail population data by gender, age groups, race, ethnicity, and charge type.
State Incarceration Data
The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) posts extensive information on its prisoner population. The Offender Information site allows the user to search for individuals currently incarcerated in a TDCJ facility. Please note, the site is updated weekdays and the data is at least 24 hours old at any given time. Initial search results will include the offender name, date of birth, race, gender, projected release date, and TDCJ facility name. Additional information is available if the user clicks on individual offender names.
The TDCJ also provides a breakdown of gender and race information for the current death row offender population on the Death Row Information site. It is updated less frequently.
Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Offender Information
Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Death Row Information
Federal Incarceration Data
The Federal Bureau of Prisons publishes substantial data through dashboards and reports on its Inmate Statistics site. Users can view inmate data and reports about age, citizenship, race/ethnicity, gender, offenses, prison safety (reports on assaults on inmates and staff), prison security levels, prison programs, release numbers, housing, and sentences.
The Federal Bureau of Prisons also publishes population and staff statistics. The Population Statistics page provides a high level view of the entire Federal inmate population and allows the user to generate inmate population reports by region, state, and facility. The Staff Statistics page provides dashboard views of the prison staff broken down by ethnicity/race and gender.