City of Austin Performance Report 2014-15

Number of Neighborhood Plans/Rezonings Scheduled on Planning Commission Agenda

Measure Description
This measure tracks the Department’s progress toward fulfilling the City Council directive for all 57 urban core planning areas to have an adopted neighborhood plan/rezoning by FY 2017. Before a plan goes to Council, it first must be presented to the Planning Commission. Since the time span between commission presentation and Council adoption can vary significantly, this measure is useful in showing the Department’s progress toward meeting the Council directive.
Calculation Method
This measure is calculated by summing the total number of neighborhood plan rezonings that were listed on the Planning Commission agenda.
FY 2014-15 Results
No neighborhood plans/rezonings were scheduled in FY 2014-15, meeting the goal.
Assessment of Results
The South Austin Combined Neighborhood Plan was presented to the Planning Commission in March and approved in July 2014. Because a new development code is being created under CodeNEXT, major rezoning was not done for the three planning areas in this neighborhood plan (South Manchaca, Garrison Park, and Westgate). A neighborhood plan was added to the base zoning of the properties in the three planning areas to reflect adoption of some infill tools. No new plans were presented to Planning Commission in FY 2014-15.
Growth concept map of Austin
Next Steps
Council has directed the Planning and Zoning Department to begin a planning process for the Burnet Road corridor from 45th Street to Hwy 183 and Anderson Lane from Mopac to the Railroad tracks, in addition to creating a neighborhood plan for the North Shoal Creek planning area. Background data collection, research, and analysis have been done, and continue, on the corridor area; although this is not considered a neighborhood plan.  The public phase of the planning process for the corridor plan will begin in FY 2015-16. Once the planning process for the corridor plan is almost complete the remaining part of the North Shoal Creek planning area that is not in the corridor plan can begin a neighborhood planning process. Major rezoning of areas undergoing planning processes will be postponed until the new development code is adopted. 
Contact Information
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