North University-Heritage-Rosedale Neighborhood Bikeways

The Austin Transportation Department (ATD) is evaluating local streets in Central Austin neighborhoods as a network of proposed neighborhood bikeways.
These routes were selected for the connectivity they can provide in the All Ages and Abilities Bicycle Network. The characteristics of these local streets are naturally more compatible to sharing the roadway, including narrower street widths and naturally lower motor vehicle speeds and volumes. 
Funding for this project is available from the 2016 Mobility Bond Bikeways and Sidewalks program.
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Project limits map depicting the proposed neighborhood bikeway route

Project Open House and Survey
ATD welcomes your ideas! Feedback from the people who use the street often results in project outcomes that better reflect community needs. A preliminary design will be available at the project open house along with the project team to answer your questions.
Date: Thursday, January 30
Time: 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. (Swing by anytime!)
Bryker Woods Elementary - Cafeteria

All open house materials and the project survey will be available on this website beginning January 30. The comment period for this project and the project survey to provide comments through will close on Sunday, March 1. 

Proposed Changes
Proposed changes include:
Improvements for routing and navigation
  • New shared lane pavement markings (called share-the-road arrows or “sharrows”) to alert people driving to expect people bicycling in the street and help guide people along the bikeway route
  • New wayfinding signs to guide people bicycling to local and regional destinations
  • Study feasibility of switching stop signs to prioritize the bicycling route: Hemphill Drive (east side) at West 32nd Street and Hemphill Drive (west side) at West 33rd Street
Managing vehicle speeds and volumes
  • New speed reduction devices to achieve lower 20-25 mph speeds
  • No volume reduction is anticipated
Improvements for crossing major streets for people walking or bicycling
  • Intersection improvements (e.g., signal timing changes, ADA upgrades, curb extensions, detection)
  • New bicycle lanes for connecting across major streets:
    • West 29th Street between West Guadalupe Street and Hemphill Drive with proposed localized parking restrictions
    • West 34th Street between West Avenue and West Guadalupe Street with proposed parking restrictions on the north and south curbs
    • West 40th Street between North Lamar Boulevard and Marathon Boulevard with proposed localized parking restrictions
Alternatives are being considered for West 31st Street/Shoal Creek Boulevard between North Lamar Boulevard and West 34th Street:
  • Alternative A: A shared use path on the south curb requiring parking restrictions on the north curb, based on a concept recommended in the Urban Trails Plan
  • Alternative B: A neighborhood bikeway with an eastbound bicycle/walking lane on the south curb and keep existing parking on the north curb
  • Other Alternatives: Other options could include a one-way configuration of West 31st Street/Shoal Creek Boulevard, making room for a shared use path, or other combinations of Alternatives A and B

Neighborhood Bikeways
Neighborhood bikeways are local streets where motor vehicle traffic speeds and volumes are kept low to make it safer and more comfortable to ride a bicycle, walk, and play.
Neighborhood bikeways enhance local streets by:
  • Adding pavement markings (“sharrows”) to alert people driving cars to expect people riding bicycles in the street and help guide people riding bicycles along the bikeway route
  • Improving crossings of major streets
  • Adding way-finding signage to guide people to local and regional destinations
  • Managing vehicle speeds and volumes

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For questions about the project, email Dylan Johnstone or call 512-974-7021.

For media inquiries, email Sam Haynes or call 512-974-7724.
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