Message from the Clerk
The City of Austin Municipal Court is committed to administering justice in a fair, efficient, and timely manner. Court services are increasingly available online, through the mail, by telephone, email, and fax, which contributes to compliance in a customer service and eco-friendly way.

FY 2014-15 was successful for the Austin Municipal Court as demonstrated by:
·  Total Number of Cases Filed: 351,757 new cases were filed and processed.
·  Average Age of Terminated Cases: The average age of terminated cases was 184 days, which is a reduction from an average of 212 days in FY 2013-14.
·  Cases Set on Dockets: There were 109,628 cases scheduled on dockets that required physical appearances before judges.
·  Court Case Management Software System Design: Significant time and effort has been spent to develop requirements for a major upgrade to the court’s case management software system. The completed requirements will allow the court to seek solutions that will streamline processes, improve accuracy, and increase customer service levels for internal and external customers.
·  New IT Equipment: New servers were implemented which resulted in increased performance and a significant reduction of issues. Miniature “green” PCs replaced outdated equipment. 

Austin Municipal Court will continue to emphasize exceptional customer service by improving communication, promoting staff development, furthering online enhancements, enhancing the Youth Diversion Program, and working with CTM to prepare for an upgrade to the case management system. Court remains committed to improving business decisions and focusing on the goals, objectives, and culture of Austin being the “Best Managed City.”
Mary Jane Grubb
Clerk of the Municipal Court
Message from the Court Administrator
Downtown Austin Community Court is committed to collaboratively addressing the quality of life issues within its jurisdiction by providing intensive case management and wraparound rehabilitative services to frequent offenders. DACC was successful in FY 2014-15 as demonstrated by:
·  DACC created and filed over 13,000 new cases and docketed over 100,000 cases.
·  DACC completed its fourth full fiscal year of the Intensive Case Management Program, which focuses on serving frequent offenders and homeless individuals. The program includes 2 grant-funded housing-location and housing-stability case managers, 5.5 intensive and outreach case managers, 1 triage case manager, and 1 clinical supervisor. 
·  Since March 2013 DACC has been successful in housing 65 individuals utilizing the services provided by its Emergency Solutions Grant funded housing-location case managers and has continued to provide intensive support to 20 repeat offenders housed as part of the Partnership Housing Program, a community collaborative.
·  The Community Service Restitution Unit completed over 16,400,000 square feet of clean-up work for Austin Resource Recovery, Austin Code, Parks and Recreation Departments, other City departments, and citizen requests. 
DACC will remain responsive to neighborhood concerns by continuing to engage repeat offenders by offering them immediate linkages to services that will assist in their long-term and permanent stability. DACC looks forward to continued success and has identified, in the Business Plan, its goals and plans to achieve the objective of working toward its vision of being the best managed community court in the nation.
Peter Valdez
Court Administrator, Downtown Austin Community Court
City of Austin Performance Report 2014-15