Frequently Asked Questions

How were the comments represented in the preliminary mobility recommendations?
Most of the comments were selected based on geographic location. Last spring, we asked the community what kind of recommendations you’d like to see along Slaughter Lane, William Cannon Drive, and Brodie Lane as part of development of Mobility Plans for the roadways.
As part of that outreach, we invited the community to place comments on a map to reflect desired improvements in a specific location along the corridors.
The majority of comments correspond geographically with the section of the corridor represented on the page. Some additional comments were selected to reflect general recommendations from the community.
Are all the community’s comments and recommendations reflected in the preliminary mobility recommendations?
While public input informed development of the preliminary mobility recommendations, not all comments we received could be incorporated into the recommendations.
The goal of Mobility Plans is to identify improvements to enhance mobility, safety and connectivity for users—whether you drive, bike, walk, or take transit.
Additionally, the preliminary recommendations reflect technical assessments of the existing infrastructure as well as data like traffic counts and crashes, and recommendations from other City of Austin plans and policies, like the Sidewalk Master Plan and the City of Austin Complete Streets Policy.
What is “right-of-way”?
The right-of-way is the area owned and/or controlled by the City of Austin or State of Texas and typically includes the street surface, subsurface, sidewalks, and grassy areas between pavement and property lines.
The boundaries width of the right-of-way will vary depending on the physical conditions at any given location. Property within the City’s of right-of-way can be used for City-related improvements as necessary.
The preliminary recommendations show the approximate width of the existing right-of-way and the proposed width of the new right-of-way. Existing right-of-way means the City of Austin already owns and/or controls the right-of-way. Proposed right-of-way would potentially need to be acquired to accommodate the improvements.

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