MoKan Trail

The MoKan Trail follows a short section of the former Missouri-Kansas-Texas (MoKan) Railroad in East Austin. The 1.5-mile trail begins at Shady Lane (where it connects to the Southern Walnut Creek Trail) and will eventually extend to the protected bike path on Pedernales Street. This trail will also connect to proposed rail and bus transit stations, providing people more mobility options.
A portion of the MoKan trail, from Springdale Road to North Pleasant Valley Road, will be constructed by the Urban Trails Program. All other sections will be constructed by private developers.

What's happening now?

In partnership with the Urban Trails Program, a private developer will begin construction in July 2022 on a section of the MoKan Trail. This quarter-mile section will extend the existing trail behind the ‘Trailhead’ Apartments at Shady Lane to Springdale Road. Weather permitting, the contractor expects construction to be complete by Fall 2022. 
Please note: a small piece of the trail (see map) will serve as a temporary route until the Urban Trail Program acquires the section of land needed for a through connection. Instead of delaying the project while negotiations take place, the project will move forward with a temporary solution to provide people with a safe pedestrian and bicycle crossing beneath Airport Boulevard. This safe crossing is a major community priority.

Project Purpose

A .75-mile portion of the MoKan trail, from Springdale Road to North Pleasant Valley Road, will be constructed by the Urban Trails Program. In summer 2022, the Urban Trail Program will begin work on MoKan Trail’s Preliminary Engineering Report (PER). A PER is a document that gathers all the information needed to recommend trail route options, the cost of each route, and materials needed.  More details will follow this study.
Map shows four sections of the MoKan Trail . The completed section from Shady Ln to Airport Blvd. The section to be under construction from Airport Blvd to Springdale. The section under planning from Springdale Rd. to N. Pleasant Valley Road. And the section to be completed by a private developer at a later date, from Pleasant Valley Rd. to Pedernales St.

Anticipated Timeline

Timeline for Springdale Rd. to N. Pleasant Valley Rd. section:
  • PER/Planning: Summer 2022 - Spring 2023
  • Design : Spring 2023 - Fall 2024
  • Construction: Spring 2025 - Summer 2026*
*Construction timeline depends on identifying funding and is subject to change.


Funding for for Springdale Rd. to N. Pleasant Valley Rd. section:

Public Outreach

Stay tuned – we'll announce opportunities to give feedback on this project later this year!

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