Longhorn Dam Multimodal Improvements 

In 2018, the City of Austin Public Works Department in partnership with Austin Transportation Department began work on a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) to evaluate the possibility of a new pedestrian and bicycle bridge over Lady Bird Lake, as well as a review of possible interim improvements to the existing bridge. 
Funding for interim improvements is available from the 2016 Mobility Bond. Funding to fully design and construct a new bridge will still need to be identified.
There will be a total of three public meetings for the project. The project team will present a final recommendation for one bridge alignment and interim improvements at a third meeting in late 2019.

December 2019 Open House & Project Survey
Austin Public Works, Austin Transportation, and Austin Parks and Recreation departments hosted a third open house on December 10, 2019. Information was presented about the recommended bridge alternative, the project's future design and construction phases, and interim improvements. 

September 2019 Project Update
In summer 2019, Austin Transportation and Public Works Department shared five bridge alternatives that were developed from community input received in late 2018. A project survey was available from June 10 through July 10 to collect community feedback on the different alternatives, including a no build option, as well as the proposed interim improvements.
All five alternatives are shown on a map with Alternative B: Wishbone highlighted in yellow
Of the five bridge alternatives and the no build option, Alternative B (Wishbone shaped bridge that connects to the shore at three points) received the most overall support, with 742 responses selecting this alternative as their top choice and 1,419 responses indicating they were “very comfortable” or “somewhat comfortable” with Alternative B.
City staff, recognizing that Alternative B (Wishbone) received the highest levels of public support, will conduct further technical analysis and evaluation of public feedback before bringing a recommended alternative to the public at a third and final community open house this fall. A refined package of interim improvements will also be presented at the community open house. Funding for the interim improvements is available from the 2016 Mobility Bond.

Public Engagement
Public Meeting 1 - Nov 13, 2018
In fall 2018, the project team held an initial public meeting and released an online survey to collect feedback on needs and potential interim improvements. Over 550 responses were received and analyzed.

Public Meeting 2 - June 10, 2019 
Input received from the community in November and December 2018 was evaluated to develop alternatives for public review. At the second public meeting, the project team presented and collected public feedback on five alternatives as well as potential interim improvements to the existing bridge.
A survey was available from June 10 to July 10 for feedback on the five alternatives and potential interim improvements. Survey results are being evaluated by staff.

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