Latta Drive/Brush Country Substandard Street Project

The Austin Transportation and Public Works Departments are reviewing Latta Drive and Brush Country Road as part of the 2016 Mobility Bond (Project ID 11900.007). This preliminary engineering project will evaluate road conditions for possible future design and construction opportunities for Latta Drive and Brush Country Road between William Cannon Drive and Tiffany Drive.

Project Limits

Project Background

The City of Austin is evaluating Latta Drive/Brush Country Road as a part of the Local Mobility Program of the 2016 Mobility Bond. This project will evaluate road conditions, missing sidewalks, curbs, and drainage elements to enhance mobility and safety for all road users.
Approved by voters in November 2016, the Mobility Bond dedicates $11 million for preliminary engineering on nine substandard streets, including Latta Drive/Brush Country Road. Substandard streets are publicly owned roadways within the City of Austin’s jurisdiction that do not meet current City of Austin requirements because they have pavement widths that are less than 24 feet and typically lack some curb and gutter, drainage, bicycle accommodations, and sidewalk infrastructure. Funding to design and construct improvements on the substandard streets has not been identified. 

Project Process

This project includes a review of existing conditions, such as traffic counts, crash data, and pinch points, as well as a review of constraints, such as right-of-way and utilities, and coordination with the City’s adopted transportation plans and policies. Community engagement will be coordinated throughout the project to share information and collect feedback. 
 A Preliminary Engineering Report will be developed to address substandard elements of the street, such as missing sidewalks, curbs, and drainage elements. Currently, there are no construction funds allocated for Latta Drive and Brush Country Road improvements, but having a Preliminary Engineering Report allows the City to move forward quickly if funding is identified.
Public Outreach
The Latta Drive and Brush Country Road project team hosted a public meeting for Latta Drive and Brush Country Road on January 31, 2018.
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The City of Austin wants to hear from residents and business owners who live, work, play and use Latta Drive and Brush Country Road in order to inform the development of recommended improvements. Provide your email below to stay up-to-date on Latta Drive/Brush Country Road.
Provide your email below to stay up-to-date on Latta Drive and Brush Country Road.

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