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Keeping Our People Safe

Medics on scene of collision
Receiving and responding to submitted Safety Concerns is a top function priority for the Safety Office.

  • Continue to provide high-level reviews of Safety Concern trending patterns with monthly reports to the Chief and Executive staff. Patterns related to Safety Concerns and their affected parties may play an instrumental role in strategic and operational planning.
Driver Safety Program
  • Delivered training for new and current staff as well as operators of command vehicles and high profile vehicles like the Explorer
  • Continue to work with EMS Fleet staff to identify safety enhancements for ambulance fleet
Facility Safety
  • Performed a formal Health and Safety Audit for 100% of EMS Facilities for the fourth consecutive year. Through proactive efforts with Facilities and Command staff these audits continue to be successful in providing for safer and improved working conditions in EMS workplaces.
Safety Partnerships
  • In conjunction with Operations Support assisted in the movement of patients from the former Brackenridge Hospital to the Dell Seton Medical Center at The University of Texas as well as providing recommendations for improvements to hospital emergency department ambulance bays.
  • Designated “Safe Sleep Rooms” at select EMS stations for employees to provide a place for medics to rest before driving home after a busy shift.  This story was picked up by a several EMS Industry trade magazines.

Total Safety Concerns Submitted

Level of Risk
The Safety Office audits level of risk of submitted concerns on an ongoing basis to determine what interventions need to be made to improve safety. High, medium, and low risk concerns are determined based on the apparent severity involved in these submitted concerns.
Concern Types

Concern types are how the Safety Office groups incoming submissions based on what is involved in the submitted concern. 

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