Information Security

Security breaches, from phishing to ransomware attacks, have impacted cities of all sizes in the last year. As the City of Austin rises in prominence, so does the risk of a security breach across municipal digital properties. In this environment, a diligent information security strategy has never been more important.
Beginning in 2016, the City of Austin created the first Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) role to ensure the security of all information and information systems citywide. Led by Kevin M. Williams, the CISO manages the City of Austin Information Security and Privacy Program and coordinates the City’s Information Security Risk Management efforts.
In the last year, the Office of the Information Security Officer expanded the Citywide Information Security governance model to include policy, physical security, risk, and incident management operating boards, driving shared standards and services across departments. Additionally, the Office of the Information Security Officer partnered with various regional government agencies to conduct training and incident response exercises, laying the foundation for mutual aid during cybersecurity incidents. Under Williams’s leadership, the City of Austin has established the foundation for a comprehensive information security strategy to tackle the next generation of risk.