City of Austin Performance Report 2014-15

Total Number of Households/Persons Assisted Through All Services

Measure Description
The total number of households/persons assisted through all services key indicator includes households served in all Neighborhood Housing and Community Development (NHCD) programs, including Homeless/Special Needs Assistance, Renter Assistance, Homebuyer Assistance, Homeowner Assistance, Housing Developer Assistance, Commercial Revitalization, and Small Business Assistance.  This measure provides a snapshot of the total impact of all NHCD programs on the community.
Calculation Method
This measure is calculated by adding actual accomplishments for all programs annually.
FY 2014-15 Results
The goal for FY 2014-15 was to serve 5,695 households through all services. In FY 2014-15, NHCD served 5,555 households, falling short of the goal by 2.5%.
Assessment of Results
Several factors contributed to the Department not meeting its goal for households/persons assisted in FY 2014-15. The production from Homeowner Assistance programs and Renter Assistance programs, such as Tenants’ Rights Services and Tenant Based Rental Assistance, did not achieve expected levels of performance, and the production from the home repair program was slightly below the goal set for FY 2014-15. Furthermore, without a weather-related delay of a housing development with 170 affordable rental units reaching completion, the Department would have exceeded its goal of persons served in FY 2014-15.
A rental housing development
Next Steps
Affordable housing continues to be the highest priority for the City as it relates to the use of federal grants administrated by NHCD. The City’s strategy for housing and community development operates at a satisfactory pace given economic constraints and the availability of resources. Federal funding has decreased slightly over time, while program delivery costs have increased, and these trends are anticipated to continue. Recognizing this dynamic and that the number of people that can be served is dependent upon resource capacity, the City of Austin is developing the first Austin Housing Plan with timelines and strategies to maintain and create affordable housing for a range of incomes throughout the city, as envisioned in Imagine Austin. NHCD has also developed its 5-year 2014-19 Consolidated Plan, a mandatory HUD report analyzing market conditions, defining a strategy and establishing goals for the use of federal resources. This document supports attainment of the Department’s goals by providing a framework for investments based on community needs. The plan will help align resources, ensure a unified strategic direction, and help facilitate community partnerships to achieve this shared vision while also providing recommendations on funding mechanisms, potential regulations, and other creative approaches the City of Austin should utilize to achieve housing goals.
Contact Information
For more information contact Rebecca Giello, Assistant Director, at 512-974-3045.