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Hiring Great People

Recruiting is responsible for the recruitment of all positions with Austin-Travis County EMS, striving to recruit the highest level of diverse EMS providers and civilian staff for the City of Austin.
Medic at a recruiting event
  • Partnered with the City of Austin’s Innovation Office to create new marketing messaging campaigns, increase outreach and diversity initiatives, and improve interaction with social media under best practices.  The project goals were to provide more awareness of current career opportunities within ATCEMS and find highly qualified candidates for the occupation.
  • Launched an EMS Recruiting Ambassador program with 16 new ambassadors to expand presence at career fairs, colleges, high school campuses and increase community engagement. 

Recruiting Process from Application to Hire
Information about FY 2017 New Hires

Age Breakdown 
Recruitment priorities in 2017 continue to include increasing diversity and filling vacancies in the Communications division by adding an additional hiring process for our new Telecom Intern positions. 102 individuals applied for the Telecom Intern position and all vacancies were filled.
Recruiting attended 18 recruiting events, including visits to multiple campuses in South Texas, Houston, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Temple, Killeen, New Orleans, and Dallas-Ft. Worth in addition to 3 local campuses increased through FY2017.  Attracting potential applicants through the use of social media marketing continues to be a primary focus. Recruiting visits high school campuses and conducts multimedia presentations to their Health Science and Technology students who have expressed interest in healthcare industry careers.
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