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Community Stewardship Project Funding  |  2015-2017

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Funding by Sector  |  2015-2017

Funding by Recipient  |  2015-2017

Funding Sources | 2015 - 2017

Community Tree manages three sources of funding to be used for tree focused stewardship projects. 
Urban Forest Replenishment Fund (UFRF) | Provides funding for tree planting and maintenance, promoting tree care and preservation, and urban forest conservation. This fund is made possible by development fees for tree removals on private property. 
Planting for the Future Fund (PFF) | This is a Trust in Agency Fund dedicated to “tree planting, tree materials, tree education, and tree preservation, the primary purpose being the purchase of trees…”. This fund is made possible by donations from the public and development impacts to trees on public property. 
Austin Energy Urban Heat Fund (AEUHF) | Provided annually by Austin Energy this allotment is historically dedicated to funding tree planting and related tree care education through the NeighborWoods program, which has been contracted to TreeFolks since 2001 (treefolks.org/nw).

Funding In & Out | 2015 - 2017

Representative of data for funding in and out between 2015 - 2017. Not reflective of amounts that already existed in the funds at the start of 2015.

Projected Funding In & Out | 2016 - 2018

Based on available data for 2018 there will be a 12% increase in funding coming in, and a 130% increase in funding out.

Growth in Funding Out | 2015 - 2018 (Projection)

Funding Channels + Access

Community Tree provides access to the funds, and checks and balances to the use of the funding in the following ways: 

Urban Forest Grant

This program is available to community members, non-profits, and government institutions. It is co-managed by the Community Tree Division grant manager and the Austin Community Foundation. Grant amounts are not limited, and approval is dictated by fulfillment of Urban Forest Plan goals, return on investment, and quality of project proposal. Complicated, unusual, or large project applications are reviewed by an internal committee of relevant staff positions.  

Urban Forest Funding Portal 

This program is internal to City of Austin staff and seeks to support tree planting, care, and education programs that go above and beyond what is already supported by the general fund. It is accessed by staff through a simple application and reporting process which can be found on the City's intranet site. The program is coordinated by the Community Tree Preservation Division's grant administrator.


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See the full list of funded projects (2015 - 2017). {link}
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