Emergency Medical Services

Message from the Director
Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services (ATCEMS) strives to provide excellent patient care for anyone who calls on us, any time they call, wherever they need us.  We aim to work with our community healthcare providers to decrease suffering, improve health of our citizens, and save lives.
FY 2014-15 was a successful year for ATCEMS in a number of ways. Some of the notable accomplishments include:
· Exceed the performance targets for Call Processing Time and Medical Priority Dispatch Protocol Compliance in the Communications Program by processing calls within 70.2 seconds and having a 98.8% compliance rate.
· Exceeded the major goals of Priority One response time of 9:59 or less and Priority 1-5 responses on time 90% of the time in the urban service areas. 
· Met the goal for delivery of critical alert patients to the emergency room.
· Met the goal for reducing the number of times that clients enrolled in the Community Health Paramedic program are transported to the hospital by 57%.
· Exceeded the customer service performance target with 97.5% of patients indicating satisfied or very satisfied on the customer service survey. 
ATCEMS is proud of its accomplishments in FY 2014-15, but recognizes that there are still issues to be addressed in the future. Primary volume indicators – 911 calls received, incidents, and billing accounts created – continue to grow in FY 2014-15 over previous years. ATCEMS is dedicated to finding innovative ways to meet those demands while providing outstanding care to our patients. We truly are dedicated to changing the lives of the people we serve and remain steadfast in pursuit of our mission and vision in the community.
Ernesto Rodriguez

City of Austin Performance Report 2014-15