District 5 Safe Routes to School Projects

Through the 2016 and 2018 Mobility BondsAustin Public Works’ Safe Routes to School Program is developing projects identified in the District 5 Infrastructure Report to help students walk and bike to school.

District 5 Project Recommendations and Updates

In order to learn more about needed projects, Safe Routes to School created an Infrastructure Report for each City Council district. The reports list and rank projects to help students walk and bike to elementary and middle schools within that district. 
See the final Safe Routes to School Infrastructure Report for Austin City Council District 5 here. This report includes project recommendations and maps throughout this district. 

District 5 Project Recommendations and Updates

As of December 31, 2020, Safe Routes to School has completed 10 projects in District 5. Safe Routes will reach out to neighbors and school communities as projects move forward.
See the table below for project recommendations at District 5schools.
Don’t see your local school listed above? Look up your Austin City Council district here or see our Safe Routes Improvements page for a list of all schools included in this effort.

About Project Recommendations

From November 2017 through July 2019, Safe Routes connected with parents, neighbors, and schools to learn about needed projects in this district. 
Our team gathered feedback through:
  • Walk audits of each school, where the team got a firsthand look at the challenges students face while traveling to and from school. These were conducted throughout the weeks of October 22 and November 5, 2018.*
  • Participation in pop-up events from late September through November 2018.
  • Comments provided in our interactive online map from November 2017 through mid-April 2019.
  • An online survey about the draft District 5 Infrastructure Report from July 30-August 19, 2019.
* Due to additional feedback, Safe Routes conducted a walk audit at Sunset Valley Elementary School on June 3, 2019. This walk audit was completed because while this school is outside of Austin City Limits, a significant portion of its attendance zone is within the City.
Project Selection Process
Safe Routes used community feedback to create a list of recommended projects for District 5. Then, the team developed a “matrix” tool to rank projects by benefit and need, connectivity, and cost. 
Safe Routes plans to continue updating these reports every five years, depending on future funding. 

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