The survey listed several electronic devices that can be used in conjunction with the Internet. 99% of respondents have cell phones and 78% own a smartphone. The majority of respondents (76%) also own a laptop, but that rate is 7% lower than it was in 2014. Over half of the respondents own a tablet computer. The sample’s ownership and usages of electronic devices, smartphones, and cellphones except that only 5% of respondents in Austin depend primarily on smartphones for Internet access compared to the national average of 20%. 
However, there are distinct differences in the ways people use the Internet with each kind of device. For example, respondents use smartphones more than computers for transportation and other location-based services. Smartphone usage also surpasses computer usage in getting news and staying connected with friends and family. This illustrates the pervasive role of Internet-connected mobile devices in Austinites’ daily lives. But certain kinds of online activities, especially work-related tasks, are still more common on computers than on smartphones. Tablets seem to only occupy a niche space in the respondents’ digital device usage.