Donate Devices

To donate to the Community PC Program, please submit inventory information via the donation form at the bottom of this page. The program also provides recycling information and instructions to said nonprofit entities for the extended end life of the computer equipment.
Q & A Section:
What types of devices are accepted as a donation?
  • Below are the Community PC Program’s Minimum Device Standards:
    • All Devices
      • Any major manufacturer.  No custom/home builds;
      • Please include all proprietary power cables.
    • Computers
      • Roughly 5 years in age or less;
      • Equipped with at least an Intel I3 or AMD Ryzen series 3 processor ;
      • Min. 4GB of RAM;
      • Min. 160GB SATA storage (hard drive, SSD, mSATA). No IDE or SCSI devices.
    • Monitors
      • Flat Panel display. No CRT monitors.
      • Uses AC power cord. No power adapters.
      • Good working condition
    • Printers
      • Laser printers only (no inkjet or impact printers).
Why do these intake standards exist for donations?
  • These intake standards exist to maintain a level of quality assurance and to provide the best end-user experience to recipient organizations.
Is the information saved in the donated computers going to be wiped?
  • All devices are wiped through a Microsoft Windows app called WillWipeDisk
  • We maintain anonymity of the hardware donations to prevent donor data being passed on to the public.