City of Austin Performance Report 2015-16

Number of Adopted Small Area Plan Recommendations which are Complete or On-Going 

Measure Description
This key performance indicator measures Planning and Zoning’s involvement in the number of adopted small area plan recommendations that have been fully implemented, initiated, and are on-going.
Calculation Method
This cumulative measure is calculated by adding the total number of adopted recommendation records within the small area plan master tracking database that are identified as being complete or on-going. This performance measure is a snapshot from December 2015.
FY 2015-16 Results
Cumulatively from FY 2014-15 through FY 2015-16, 1,897 small area plan recommendations were complete or on-going which exceeded the established goal of 1,800.
Assessment of Results
As of December 2015, there were a total of 4,992 adopted small area plan recommendations in the master tracking database. Between the last two fiscal years, 1,897 of these cases were complete or on-going. While December is not the end of the fiscal year, to maintain consistent reporting, December is used as a snapshot for this annual measure.
The percentage complete or on-going varies largely depending on plan and project type. Older plans, some adopted as early as 1999, show a higher level of completion compared to more recently adopted plans.  To date, the City has adopted 30 neighborhood plans covering 53 out of 60 designated neighborhood planning areas.  The Planning and Zoning Department has developed additional small area plans focused on urban design and other aspects of the built environment in special areas throughout the city. These include master plans, station area plans, and corridor plans. To date, the City has adopted seven special small area plans.
Next Steps
Planning and Zoning continues to coordinate with capital departments to help identify opportunities for including small area plan recommendations in department budgets and master planning efforts.
With the adoption of Imagine Austin and the completion of neighborhood plans for most of the areas identified under the neighborhood planning program, the City is shifting to a new approach to planning for small areas.  The new small area plan approach emphasizes the preparation needed to support the Imagine Austin Growth Concept, including planning for designated centers and corridors throughout the City and working to engage the public more broadly.  The new approach will take into account the new set of regulatory tools being developed through CodeNEXT.  Reconfiguration of existing staff work groups and additional resources may be needed during the transition to the new small area plan approach.
Contact Information
For more information contact Matthew Dugan, Comprehensive Planning, at (512) 974-7665.