City of Austin Performance Report 2015-16

Number of Contracts With Arts Professionals and Arts Organizations

Measure Description
This measure is the number of arts professionals and arts organizations contracted by the Cultural Arts Division (CAD) for services to support the creative community and enhance Austin's creative economy. The purpose of this measure is to show the impact of CAD in contracting with arts professionals and organizations. 
Calculation Method
This measure is calculated by summing all contracts with local professional art services, including those for the Cultural Arts Fund, Art in Public Places and CAD events.
FY 2015-16 Results
In FY 2015-16, 714 contracts were executed, more than the goal of 500.
Assessment of Results
In addition to contracting with non-profit organizations that support the arts through the Cultural Funding contracts, CAD contracts with individual artists through programs like The People’s Gallery (local art displayed in City Hall), the Austin New Year Event, Art in Public Places (a program where many of the City’s capital improvement projects throughout the city contribute funding for artwork installations at those sites) and other special projects. The Economic Development Department’s investment in the arts has yielded increasing returns over the past four years. Due to an increase in funding from the General Fund, Hotel-Motel Occupancy Tax, and capital improvements, more organizations are served through capacity building, cultural funding and Art in Public Places.
Next Steps
FY 2016-17, CAD will continue to partner with Mid-America Arts Alliance and the Texas Commission on the Arts to bring the highly-successful Artist INC Live seminar to Austin for the second consecutive year. The Artist INC program is an 8-week, cutting edge training program that addresses the specific business needs and challenges of artists of all disciplines in return for a nominal fee. Participants, chosen through a competitive application process, learn business skills specific to their art practice and apply those skills cooperatively with their peers. Through mentorship, expert presentations, and peer networks, artists gain skills in arts planning, marketing, finance, law, and technology. Additional classes are provided to increase participants’ knowledge of and ability to access/maximize cultural funding opportunities. Artists who aspire to apply for cultural funding can attend the classes and learn the reporting requirements, efficiencies, and best practices. The goal of providing these services is to build the capacity and business skills of artists so they can successfully obtain, manage and profit from publicly-funded arts contracts. This will in turn expand the pool of artists capable of contracting with CAD.
Contact Information
For more information, contact Meghan Wells, Cultural Arts Program Manager, at (512) 974-9314.