Corridors For Complete Communities

Corridors for Complete Communities is a program that leverages the Corridor Construction Program to make connections that equitably enhance access to services, mobility for all modes and ages, sustainability, public health, jobs, local business and housing affordability - while preserving community identity and a sense of place.
The Corridor Program Office (CPO) is strategically leveraging transportation improvement bond dollars to achieve comprehensive community outcomes and policy initiatives by partnering with other City departments, developers, non-profit organizations and agencies to extend the scope of the corridor transportation improvement projects so that together we can amplify the community, culture, and the mobility experience.

What are Complete Communities?

A community-led vision resulting from years of public input and promoted in the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan, Complete Communities are "defined by amenities, transportation, services, and opportunities that fulfill all Austinites' material, social, and economic needs...These places will be safe and affordable; promote physical activity, community engagement, and inclusion; make amenities and services easily accessible to everybody; and contribute to Austin's unique community spirit."

How are Complete Communities achieved?

Working collaboratively with public agency partners and the non-profit community through a multi-disciplinary approach, the Corridor Program Office is enhancing streetscapes that support complete communities and improve the mobility experience. Examples include:
  • Community gathering spaces
  • Public art and other cultural installations
  • Pedestrian and bike paths
  • Pocket greens, shade trees and enhanced landscaping
  • Wayfinding and other informational signage
  • Connections to amenities and services such as libraries, parks, schools and health centers

City Council's Contract with Voters

As part of the 2016 Mobility Bond, Austin City Council has a Contract with Voters to balance increased transportation safety and mobility with core values like the continued development of affordable housing, healthy and equitable communities, and support for local businesses.
alt='illustrative, teal and grey graphic listing what makes up the Contract with Voters. Going around the top Mobility Priorities is: improved level-of-service for all modes of travel, connectivity, reduction in congestion, improved effectiveness of transit operations. Going around the bottom Community Considerations is: perservation of existing local businesses, emphasizes livable, walkable, safe and transit-supportive corridors, preservation of existing affordable housing, opportunities for developement of new affordable housing, opportunities to facilitate increased supply of mixed-income housing, and lastly promotes healthy, equitable and complete communities'

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