Corridor Construction Program:
Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Corridor Construction Program?
The Corridor Construction Program is the development, design, and construction of mobility, safety and connectivity improvements on nine major Austin corridors. These improvements are primarily funded by the 2016 Mobility Bond and include: 
What kind of improvements will be made to the corridors?
The Corridor Construction Program includes improvements for everyone, whether you drive, walk, bike or take transit. Projects vary by corridor, but generally include improvements to: 
  • Intersections – traffic signals/turn lane modifications to improve vehicular flow and mitigate traffic congestion 
  • Bicycle Facilities – bike lanes, protected bike lanes and shared-use paths
  • Sidewalks and Curb Ramps – ADA accessibility/crosswalks
  • Transit-Supportive Improvements – transit priority signalization and increased connectivity to bus stops 
  • Enhanced Multimodal Improvements – improvements along some corridor segments that accommodate all modes of transportation/enhanced streetscapes
What is the anticipated outcome of the Corridor Mobility Program?
From 2012 through 2017, there were over 9,000 reported crashes involving cars, bikes and/or pedestrians on these corridors. As of August 2019, over 50 Austinites have died in traffic crashes this year and almost 300 others have experienced life-changing injuries, with victims ranging from ages 5 to 86. That represents a 26% increase in traffic fatalities from this time in 2018. 
Improving safety and mobility is a priority for the City, and the Corridor Construction Program will improve facilities for pedestrians, cyclists, drivers and public transit users. The transportation improvements are intended to provide safer business and neighborhood accessibility, support reduced congestion and provide an improved level of service for all modes of travel.

What is the status of the Corridor Construction Program?
Most of the corridors being improved through the Corridor Construction Program have multiple construction segments. Each of these segments are at different phases in the project development process. Some critical safety and mobility improvements have already been completed, while others are currently undergoing full design.  

Several activities are currently underway as part of the design phase, and to prepare projects for construction, our team is: 
  • Determining construction packaging, phasing and sequencing.
  • Continuing coordination across City departments and with external agencies like Capital Metro and the Texas Department of Transportation.
  • Obtaining permits.
  • Developing traffic management plans.  
  • Coordinating utility relocations.  
  • Purchasing right-of-way.  
  • Determining placemaking areas. 
  • Completing environmental investigations and documentation.  
  • Continuing to explore leveraging/partnership opportunities.  
  • Conducting ongoing community engagement with neighborhoods, businesses and property owners to understand their priorities and concerns. 
Will any construction occur before 2021?
Construction began on some critical mobility and safety projects in summer 2019, and full design is underway for all other projects in the Corridor Construction Program.  We anticipate that the bulk of construction will occur between 2021-2024. However the Corridor Program Office is evaluating additional first-out opportunities to get improvements on the ground quickly, so it is possible that some construction could begin in late fall or winter 2020. 
The most likely first-out projects will have little or no impacts to drainage, private right-of-way, or utilities. Projects with low construction impact and those with available partnership opportunities are particularly well suited as first-out projects. 
We have already begun some first-out critical safety and mobility improvements, and we will continue to evaluate and advance other opportunities as part of the final design phase of work. We will work to notify businesses and neighbors in the vicinity where the improvements will occur well before construction begins. 
How will these projects impact me? 
If you are a property or business owner along these corridors, access to your property may change as we look to improve car, pedestrian and bike safety. We are currently reviewing these impacts and meeting with business and property owners to discuss options. 
During construction, there may be traffic delays. Construction will be phased to minimize negative impacts on businesses, residents and commuters.  The City of Austin will work with the community, property-owners and business-owners who may be impacted by construction, and will seek to mitigate disruptions associated with construction as much as possible. 
One of the goals outlined in the 2016 Contract With Voters is the preservation of existing affordable housing and local businesses on the corridors. We understand construction can be disruptive, and there is concern about potential fiscal impacts to businesses. The City will work to minimize these impacts.  Click here for additional FAQ’s about construction. 
How can I stay informed?
The best way to stay informed about activities related to the Corridor Construction Program is to sign up to receive electronic updates. You can opt-in to receive updates about the full 2016 Mobility Bond program, or designate just the corridor(s) of interest to you. You can also:
Details about programs and projects funded by the 2016 Mobility Bond can be found online at
Who can I contact with questions about a particular corridor?
You can reach staff members assigned to each of the corridors by sending emails to:

Twitter is @austinmobility
Facebook is
Instagram is @austintexasgov
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