Communications and Technology Management

As the technology experts for the City of Austin, Communications and Technology Management department (CTM) tackles citywide challenges with technology solutions. Working with regional partners to improve public safety, providing technical support for local events, and maintaining digital information sources for residents, CTM supports the technology infrastructure on which the City of Austin operates.
 In 2017, CTM played a vital role in supporting public safety initiatives to improve the quality of life and well-being for residents and visitors alike. In late August 2017 Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, impacting a whole swath of communities along the coast. Austin became a destination for evacuees seeking refuge from the storm. The City of Austin rose to the challenge with CTM leading key functions of Hurricane Harvey support and response. At the height of operations, the City hosted more than 800 hurricane evacuees at the Met Center. With the support of CTM, local and federal government, disaster response groups, and evacuees were able to stay connected during this trying time. In addition to Hurricane Harvey response, CTM supported the deployment of body worn cameras for the Austin Police Department and assisted the Fleet Services department in maintaining police vehicles.   
CTM also executed several critical projects to increase efficiency and build capacity within City of Austin departments. In collaboration with the Office of Real Estate Services, CTM completed data collection of more than 3500 municipal properties to be included in an asset management system. By digitizing records and streamlining the management of these properties, the Office of Real Estate Services will save hours of administrative time. CTM is also leading the development of a new website for the City of Austin. Built from the ground up, the new site will be optimized to work across digital platforms, from mobile to desktop. The new website will be user-friendly, with a service-driven approach so that residents can easily access information they need. In 2017, CTM was recognized by the Center for Digital Government and Digital Communities Program as a “Tech Savvy City,” ranking 8th among the top ranked cities with populations over 500,000.