City of Austin Performance Report 2014-15

Percentage of Clients Indicating they would Schedule Another Event at the Convention Center Facilities

Measure Description
Achieving a high customer satisfaction rating is key to attracting repeat business, which increases departmental revenue. One of the questions on the department’s Customer Satisfaction Survey is whether the client would consider rescheduling (or scheduling future) events at the Austin Convention Center Department (ACCD). This measure tracks the results of those responses.
Calculation Method
The Customer Satisfaction Survey is automatically transmitted to all contacts on the booking list from the booking system. Client survey collection and reporting is automated and handled by an online application system, which is currently maintained by the City’s Communications and Technology Management (CTM) Department. The survey identifies operational activity areas within the department and asks customers to rate each activity. This survey concludes by asking a few questions which can be answered with a “Yes”, “No”, or “N/A”.  Results for this portion of the survey are totaled and this calculation is a total of “Yes” responses divided by the total number of “Yes” and “No” responses.
FY 2014-15 Results
In FY 2014-15, 99.1% of clients indicated that they would be willing to return to ACCD facilities. These results exceeded the 95% goal by 4.1%.    
Assessment of Results
The FY 2014-15 results of 99.1% are slightly below the previous year’s result of 100%. There were 331 surveys distributed with 117 responses, which represented a 70% increase in the number of responses over prior year. The results of this measure remain high, primarily due to ACCD staff’s diligence in providing exemplary customer service. The central mission of the department is to provide outstanding event facilities and services to customers so they have a positive experience.
An athletic event taking place at the convention center.
Next Steps
In addition to analyzing the results of the responses received from the Customer Satisfaction Surveys, the Department schedules meetings with clients at the conclusion of their events to discuss their experiences at ACCD facilities. The feedback provided is invaluable to assisting staff in providing the best possible facilities and services for future events.
Contact Information
For more information contact Amy Harris, Sales & Events Manager at (512) 404-4244.