City of Austin Performance Report 2014-15

Number of Client Visits for Shots for Tots Clinics for Vaccines for Children (VFC) Eligible Children Ages 0-18

Measure Description
The Health and Human Services Department, being a “safety net” provider, uses this measure to address the gap in child vaccination services that exists in Travis County.
Calculation Method
This measure is the sum of all immunizations entered into the Texas-Wide Integrated Client Encounter System (TWICES) database immediately following a clinic visit.
FY 2014-15 Results
In FY 2014-15, the goal for this measure was 10,000 clients served; the actual was 7,541 which was 25% less than the goal.
Assessment of Results
The Shots for Tots Program provides immunization clinics in conjunction with Austin Independent School District (AISD) and surrounding school districts in preparation for the new school year. In FY 2014-15, the program served about the same number of clients as it did in FY 2013-14 and 547 more clients than it did in FY 2012-13. Compared to the dramatic decreases in clients served in FY 2010-11 and FY 2011-2012, the last three years of data might indicate a “floor” has been reached in clients served by the Shots for Tots program at current AISD student capacity and alternative vaccine provider levels. The drop in clients served seen from FY 2010-11 levels are largely due to several factors, including the presence of alternative providers of vaccines serving the Austin area, no longer needing “catch-up” vaccines resulting from an update in the 2009-10 Texas Minimum State Vaccine Requirements, and possibly a substantial number of undocumented children and families that are unaware of vaccination services available to them. However, the program continues to receive a significant number of referrals from pediatric offices that choose not to provide immunization services.
Child receiving a flu shot.
Next Steps
At this time, we adequately meet the need of the community as a safety net provider. However, new immunization requirements, a decrease in AISD’s capacity, or a change in the number of Vaccines for Children providers in Travis County could have a significant impact on our ability to meet the need. The program will focus efforts in outreach over the next three to five years. However, a new vaccine requirement from the Centers for Disease Control could mean thousands of children are immediately not “up to date” in their immunizations required for school.
Contact Information
For more information, contact Kurt Becker the Immunization Program Manager, at (512) 972-5523.