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Caring for Our Community

The primary mission of the Community Health Paramedic (CHP) Program is to identify individuals in targeted patient populations and connect them with resources that better serve their long term needs.
CHP Program services include:
• Medical assessment and screening for chronic and co-occurring conditions
• Referral to health, social and other human service resources in the community
• Short term medical management
• Community resource navigation
Community Health Paramedics talking to community members at Central Health Event
  • Partnered with the Austin Police Department, Austin-Travis County Integral Care and the Downtown Austin Alliance to form the Homeless Outreach Street Team (HOST).
  • Launched pilot with HOST partners on June 1, 2016
  • Directly participated in serving over 150 individuals referred to the HOST team.
  • Made over 230 referrals to services for clients served by CHP staff while partnered with the HOST team.
  • Implemented new software to better track and manage services provided to clients served by the Community Health Paramedic Program.
  • Opened over 1,500 cases on individuals referred to the Community Health Paramedic Program
  • Made over 3,000 contacts with clients served by the Community Health Paramedic Program
  • Made over 1,300 referrals to various services to assist enrolled clients obtain the services they need
  • Began Pop-Up Resource Clinics (PURC) with a pilot of 12 people in August. In September, the first official PURC lasted 4.5 hours, saw 92 people, and completed 296 interventions.

Number of Face-to-Face visits with Patients
Number of Patients Enrolled in Community Health Program
HOST Team Interactions with Clients

This shows the number of client contacts, number of individual clients contacted, and diversions (from emergency room, jail, or psychiatric hospital) made by the HOST team

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