Total Number of Services Provided to Beneficiaries Through All Housing and Community Development Activities

Measure Description
This measure captures the number of households/persons assisted through all Neighborhood Housing and Community Development (NHCD) housing programs under the following NHCD Investment Plan categories: Financial Empowerment, Homeless/Special Needs, Neighborhood & Community Revitalization, Renter Assistance Counseling, Small Business Assistance,  Homebuyer Assistance, Homeowner Assistance, and Housing Developer Assistance. This measure provides a snapshot of the total impact of these programs provided to the community. 
Calculation Method
This measure is calculated by summing the total number of services provided through the above listed categories. Projects funded in earlier years are counted in the year in which they were completed and may contribute to this year’s results. 
FY 2015-16 Results
The goal for FY 2015-16 was to provide 2,703 services through all Housing and Community Development activities. In FY 2015-16, NHCD served 2,896 households, exceeding the goal by 7.1%.
Assessment of Results
As the graph above indicates, the overall number of services provided to beneficiaries through all housing and community development activities during FY 2015-16 utilizing both federal and local funding sources exceeded the goal by 193 services. Efforts have been made to target marketing and outreach to continue to improve program performance. NHCD still receives strong support locally from the Austin City Council as seen through the support of the Housing Trust Fund (HTF), Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH), and other initiatives as well as from Austin voters as demonstrated through the successful issuance of the 2013 General Obligation Bond for Affordable Housing. A higher than average number of units funded through the Housing Developer Assistance program were completed in FY 2011-12.
NHCD has developed its 5-year (FY 2014-15 to FY 2018-19) Consolidated Plan, a mandatory HUD report analyzing market conditions, defining a strategy and establishing goals for the use of federal resources. Affordable housing continues to be the highest priority for the City as it relates to the use of federal grants administrated by NHCD. The City’s strategy for housing and community development operates at a satisfactory pace given economic constraints and the availability of resources. Partnerships will continue to be essential to support the development of affordable housing, job creation and neighborhood revitalization as important economic development activities.
Next Steps
The City recognizes the need to coordinate affordable housing investments in conjunction with other City initiatives to ensure the greatest return on investment. Financial assistance programs offered by the City will help develop and strengthen Austin’s small and minority business community and stimulate the growth of better paying jobs for minority and low-income residents.
Note: Prior year targets and results for this measure were restated based on a change in methodology that resulted in excluding parking facility production and Smart Housing production numbers.
Contact Information
For more information contact Rebecca Giello, Assistant Director, at 512-974-3045.