City of Austin Performance Report 2015-16

Average Number of Days From When Substandard Structure Complaints Are First Reported Until Non-Judicial Compliance

Measure Description
This measure tracks the average number of days from when substandard and dangerous structure complaints are first reported until they are resolved through voluntary compliance, or before judicial or quasi-judicial action occurs. This measure focuses on the total case processing time of substandard and dangerous structure complaints. Substandard and dangerous building cases are conditions or defects on or within a building that do not meet minimum building and building maintenance standards, and exist to the extent that life, health, property or safety of the public or its occupants are endangered. Total case processing time is the amount of time Austin Code inspectors take to respond and investigate, plus the amount of time the property owner takes to complete necessary actions for voluntary compliance. The department focuses on achieving voluntary compliance because it is important to provide professional customer service and adequate education of city codes by giving citizens the opportunity to correct code violations before the cases are escalated to non-voluntary enforcement.
Calculation Method
This measure is calculated by dividing the total number of days between the date substandard structure complaints are received and the date when voluntary compliance occurs by the total number of substandard cases with voluntary compliance for the reporting period.
FY 2015-16 Results
The department’s goal is to gain voluntary compliance within an average of 180 days from first response for substandard structure and building complaints. The average for FY 2015-16 was about 156 days.
Assessment of Results
Austin Code investigated 4,683 substandard and dangerous building cases in FY 2015-16, which was 61 more cases than in FY 2014-15. Of the 4,683 cases, 2,109 were single-family properties (an increase from FY 2014-15 levels of 1,926), 1,715 were multi-family properties, and 858 were commercial properties. The average number of days from when a substandard structure and dangerous building complaint was first reported until voluntary compliance slightly increased from 153 days in FY 2014-15 to 156 days FY 2015-16. The average time from investigation until voluntary compliance is impacted by the time and financial resources needed for the extensive planning, permitting, and often construction required to achieve compliance. The target for this measure was increased to 180 days in FY 2015-16 to better align with previous years actuals and current resources.
Next Steps
Austin Code will continue to prioritize response and investigation of substandard structures and dangerous buildings complaints. As the number of substandard structures and dangerous building complaints continue to increase for single-family properties, the department will need to make organizational changes to increase resources to support the increased caseload and overall workload of the residential case investigation unit.
Contact Information
For more information contact Paul Tomasovic, Assistant Director, (512) 974-1952.