City of Austin Performance Report 2015-16

Number of Animals Sterilized in the Community

Measure Description
This measure assesses the number of animals spayed/neutered in the community (as opposed to in the shelter) through our outreach programs and partners.
Calculation Method
The Animal Services Office receives a monthly count of animals spayed/neutered in the community from our partners, Emancipet and Austin Humane Society. The number of animals sterilized in the community is determined by monthly detailed invoices received from the partners.
FY 2015-16 Results
The City of Austin sponsored 10,568 community-owned animals to receive spay/neuter surgeries, surpassing the goal by 17.4%. 
Assessment of Results
An important component of Prevention Services is Austin’s No Kill plan. Increasing the availability of spay/neuter services helps reduce unwanted litters, alleviates nuisance behaviors that result in animals entering the center, and allows staff to share more information about the importance of basic preventive veterinarian care and micro-chipping. The increasing demand for community spay/neuter is attributable to the city’s population growth.
Animal Services utilizes various methods to connect people within the community to spay/neuter resources. One of Animal Services approaches to spay/neuter outreach is to create a transformative experience where outreach educators share information about the services and benefits in a neutral and unbiased way. The ultimate goal is to create a community of change driven by the recipients of the services sharing information with other community members. Additionally, Animal Services merged the Animal Protection and Outreach teams to create a more robust Field Services unit with the goal of creating a seamless approach to addressing community needs and problem solving. Animal Protection Officers are increasingly involved in making referrals for services. These programs continue to grow to keep up with population growth in Austin/Travis County.
Next Steps
Field Services staff will analyze “free day” clinic attendance to determine if the services are reaching the audience for which they were intended and evaluate the impact on intake, return-to-owner, and call volume of having clinics in specific neighborhoods. Staff will work with Emancipet to make adjustments to clinic schedules or locations as needed to ensure the Austin community has access to basic veterinary resources. Changes to locations or the schedule will require focused outreach campaigns. In collaboration with Austin Humane Society, staff will use data to transition the Community Cats program to a targeted spay/neuter outreach program with the goal of reducing kitten intake from specific neighborhoods.
Contact Information
For more information contact Lee Ann Shenefiel, Interim Chief Animal Services Officer, at (512) 978-0500.