Welcome to COACCC 2018

The City of Austin Combined Charities Campaign is our annual chance to give to charitable organizations serving causes near and dear to our hearts.
The campaign runs from Oct. 1 thru Nov. 3. This year, departments will be entered into weekly and overall prizes, so pledge early!
Our citywide fundraising goal this year is $520,000.
We have more than 400 organizations to choose from this year.
  • Learn more about them through the online charity look up tool (under the Main Menu arrow in the top left corner).
  • Download the PDF brochure of all the participating charities.

How to pledge online

1. Click the "Pledge" button above or hyperlinked here.
2. Click "Recover my password" in the top right corner of the page.
3. Enter your city email address as your email address. The system already knows you by your city email address. NOTE: Your city email address reactivates your account. Your employee ID number is your username.
4. Click the green button to recover your password.
5. An email will be sent to your city account. Click to reactivate your account.
5. Create your password. 
6. Click to proceed, and reenter your information. NOTE: Be sure to enter your username exactly as it's listed in the email. Your username should be your employee ID number.
7. Click to log in.
Now you should be set to enter your pledge.
Questions? Call 512-469-5989 or email

What can your gift do?

$1 per paycheck provides
  • new books for 10 children.
  • a monthly bus pass to help an individual with transportation. 
$2 per paycheck provides
  • 144 meals for hungry Central Texans. 
$3 per paycheck provides
  • one cleft lip/palate surgery in a third-world country. 
Global Impact UNICEF USA: Kids
$5 per paycheck provides
  • clothes, shoes, and winter coats for 40 children. 
  • a month’s electric bill for two elderly, fixed-income households. 
  • 48 students to the chance to improve their reading or math skills through tutoring. 
$6 per paycheck covers
  • three cat spays, reducing unwanted litters. 
$10 per paycheck provides
  • toys and food for needy families and children during the holiday season. 
  • refugee or a person displaced by a natural disaster with clean drinking water for a year. 
  • HIV counseling and testing for 25 at-risk individuals. 
  • an afterschool program for a child with disabilities. 
$25 per paycheck provides
  • food, shelter and clothing to two homeless persons. 
Caritas of Austin

Every pledge to COACCC makes a difference. 

Make your pledge online using the COACCC online pledge system
Questions about COACCC?  Call 512-469-5989 or email

COACCC 2018 Resources

Questions? Call 512-469-5989 or email


Overall winner: Details coming soon

We're still working out the details for the prize for the 2018 campaign overall winner(s?). In the meantime, feel free to live the cuteness of last year's puppy party -- and congrats to the Clerk's Office on their victory!

Weekly Winners: The skinny

Back by popular demand: Departments again this year will compete for weekly prizes. The weekly winner is based on the percentage of employees who have pledged to the campaign. 
The COACCC Champions will record a special, one-of-a-kind music video for the winners. Also, the winning department gets to hold onto the traveling trophy for one week.
Winning departments will be in charge of their own celebrations. Some ideas:
  • Karaoke
  • Hawaiian Shirt Friday
  • Ice cream bar
Check out the photo and video gallery below for 2017 weekly winner celebrations.
COACCC trophy

Dino Dance Off

Last year, three brave souls donned inflatable dinosaur suits and danced their tails off to raise money for COACCC. In just 30 minutes, we raised more than $840. If you missed it, photo and video footage is available in the 2017 gallery near the bottom of the COACCC website.
It was so fun, we want to do it again this year -- and we want to open it up to the whole City. If you're interested in being a contender, and you have the dino costume, let your department coordinator know by Oct. 10. Depending on interest and participation, we could have multiple locations.
2017 dino dance off

Department Events: Inspiration

Seeing as how COACCC has been around for about 30 years, we've learned a few things in that time. Below are some of City employees' favorite COACCC events through the years, in case you're looking for ideas.
DISCLAIMER: Before scheduling your event, please make sure to read the ethics guidelines, cash handling requirements, and temporary food permit information under COACCC RESOURCES to make sure your event is on the up-and-up. And please make sure to remind your colleagues: Participation in COACCC and its events is optional.
  • Pie your boss in the face
  • Ping Pong Competition
  • Dunk Tank
  • Food Contest (chili, salsa, etc.)
  • Silent or live auctions
  • Coffee & pie
  • Garage sale
  • Food sale (baked goods, tacos, talames, etc.)
  • Karaoke
  • Jail time (pay for someone to be put into jail; they have to raise money to get out)

2018 Campaign Leadership Committee

Rondella Hawkins
Corrie Stokes
Citywide Coordinator
John Speirs

Campaign Reports

2017 Photo + Video Gallery


CPO's Mike Trimble, the Corridor Smurf who loves pie
CPIO's Doug "Ms. Doubtfire Double" Matthews
Week 1 Winner: City Clerk + Ice Cream Party
City Clerk's Office celebrating with an ice cream party
Week 1 Winner: NHCD + Music Video
(start at 4:54 for a story on the 2017 campaign!)
COACC trophy: Up for grabs this year from TARA
Week 4: CPO + Ice Cream Party
Week 3: SMBR + Ice Cream Party
Week 2: City Clerk + Music Video

2017 COACCC Newsletters