Because of your compassion and kindness, we were able to raise a final total of $533,336.63 for non-profits in this year's Combined Charities Campaign. We knocked our goal of $515,000 out of the park!
Thank you, City of Austin employees.

Winners' Circle

Overall winners

Now that the campaign is officially over, we are proud, excited, and flabbergasted to announced this year's campaign winners:
  • City Clerk's Office: With 100% of its employees pledging, the Clerk's Office is this year's overall winner and recipient of a pet party! For a preview of what that will look like, check out the video with Interim City Manager Elaine Hart below.
  • TARA: With a 50% increase over last year's campaign in pledging employees, TARA gets to hang onto the COACCC Cup until next year!

Weekly Winners: The skinny

This year, departments were eligible to win weekly prizes. The weekly winner was based on the percentage of employees who have pledged to the campaign. The winning department gets to hold onto the traveling trophy for one week -- and is allowed to choose one from a list of celebrations for the following Friday:
  • Hawaiian Shirt Friday
  • Ice cream bar: Other departments donate something
  • Warm Welcome: Other departments send people to welcome the winning staff
  • Singing Telegram: Other departments send staff to sing “You are the Champions” to the winning department
  • Singing Video: Same idea as the telegram, just on video
Check out the footage below for 2017 weekly winner celebrations.
picture of the COACCC Champion trophy
COACC trophy current state: Fabulous
Week 4: CPO + Ice Cream Party
Week 3: SMBR + Ice Cream Party
Week 2: City Clerk + Music Video
Week 1 Winner: City Clerk + Ice Cream Party
City Clerk's Office celebrating with an ice cream party
Week 1 Winner: NHCD + Music Video

Fundraising Events

Pie in the face: Directors' Challenge

Fundraising for this challenge ended Oct. 25 and raised more than $3,500 toward Hurricane Relief. We have our winners! Drum roll, please ...
  • Large Department (500 employees or more): Kim McNeely, PARD, with $300
  • Medium Department (200 to 499 employees): Jennifer Walls, Fleet, with $500
  • Small Department (100 to 199 employees): Mary Jane Grubb & Sherry Statman, Municipal Court, with $282
  • Very Small Department (99 employees or fewer): Jannette Goodall, City Clerk, with $344
We're still working out the details on how the event will go down, so stay tuned!
A few department directors had their own pie in the face challenges. The photos are priceless.
CPO's Mike Trimble, the Corridor Smurf who loves pie
CPIO's Doug "Ms. Doubtfire Double" Matthews

Dino Dance Off

Three Inflatable T-REXes -- Deborah Thomas, Law; Myrna Rios, Clerk; and Mac Montana, Budget -- danced their tails off to close out COACCC with one final fundraiser Nov. 3. The 30-minute event raised $844 ... and we got some epic footage. Check out more videos and photos from the event here.

2017 Photo Gallery


(start at 4:54 for a story on this year's campaign!)

Campaign Reports

2017 Campaign Leadership Committee

Veronica Briseno
Rondella Hawkins 
Citywide Coordinator
Paul Cook