Voter-approved mobility bonds in 2016 and 2020 dedicated $60 million for bikeways projects, including separated and/or protected bicycle facilities, bicycle detection and signal equipment, and other on-street bicycle facilities, such as bike lanes. Bikeways funded through the bond program have a transportation and mobility purpose.
Photo collage of people of all ages and abilities using bikeways across Austin.
Project Prioritization 
The Austin Strategic Mobility Plan2014 Bicycle Plan, and other related plans include key high-level infrastructure priorities that provide the foundation for Mobility Bond Bikeways spending. These priorities include:
  • Remove existing top-network barriers
  • Continue implementing infrastructure through high-value coordination opportunities
  • Balance investment across the City considering equity, localized strategies to convert short trips, and the need to provide access to complete streets for all
  • Expand the existing bikeshare infrastructure
  • Other infrastructure priorities: bicycle parking, wayfinding, lighting
The following project lists link to individual project websites or other supporting materials: