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Guiding Questions
The guiding questions are the genesis of this report, and the data is to be used to answer these questions when possible. 
  • "Is the City supporting our urban forest ecosystem in a meaningful way that is moving Austin closer to the community's stated Vision as outlined in the Urban Forest Plan?" 
  • "Are City resources equitably impacting the community?"
  • "Are the related processes, programs, projects, and partnerships positively affecting the highest need areas of our urban landscape and community?"
  • "What data is available?"

Observations for 2015 - 2017 Data 

Dashboard + Tree Planting: 

Geospatial (Mapping) Observations: 

Tree planting contracts cast a wide net, geographically speaking, distributing a large volume of trees to a broad audience of residents. Large pockets, void of tree plantings are partially due to land use—office campuses, industrial parks, ABIA airport—and partially due to high tree density.
Stewardship projects associated with these funding streams have been low for projects located in the Eastern Crescent, the southeast, the northeast, and far northwest compared to central and west Austin. 
Disease + Pest Control funding is greatest in southwest Austin following the pattern of oak wilt and the large presence of oak trees there.
Council District 5 received the most projects. Districts 6 and 10 did not receive any. 


Insert your funding related insights here. 


Insert your planning related insights here. 

Analysis of Why

Does the why have a separate place, or is it embedded into the observations? 

Suggested Strategies: 

Insert possible strategies here. These should be oriented towards solutions. 
Example: Partner with local service providers and organizations to develop strategies for areas that have not received trees or initiated stewardship projects.


{Link to Google Form for community input on observation, analysis, and strategies.} 
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