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Our Urban Forest

Reflecting on the Urban Forest, Community, and Data

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Share your insights into the data, observations of Austin's urban forest ecosystem, and your experiences as a community member on Speak Up Austin!
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Alone we can plant a few trees, but together, with a diverse group of partners, the community has the ability to transform our cityscape into the vibrant Urban Forest Vision of 2034. 

Staff Observations for 2015 - 2017 Data 

Dashboard Observations

  • Creating/supporting a community of active stewards is a stated goal of the City, therefore growth in the Inspiring category is needed in future years.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of the trees that are being planted, there needs to be a comparison with the trees being removed. 
  • Data collection related to the diversity of trees being planted will help us better evaluate if we're working toward a healthier urban forest. 
  • Trees planted by property type and Program shows an opportunity to support additional plantings (and related care) on park property and right-of-way.

Geospatial (Mapping) Observations

  • Tree planting contracts cast a wide net, geographically speaking, distributing a large volume of trees to a broad audience of residents. Large pockets, void of tree plantings are partially due to land use—office campuses, industrial parks, ABIA airport—and partially due to high tree density.
  • Stewardship projects associated with these funding streams have been low for projects located in the Eastern Crescent, the southeast, the northeast, and far northwest compared to central and west Austin. 
  • Disease + Pest Control funding is greatest in southwest Austin following the pattern of oak wilt and the large presence of oak trees there.

Investment Observations

  • Additional data is needed to examine the equity of the resources going to the community. 
  • A more diverse group of partners is needed.

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