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Map of Tree Stewardship Activities |  2015-2018 

This map shows urban forest projects funded by the City of Austin's Community Tree Preservation Division including NeighborWoods, Ready, Set, Plant!, and Austin Community Trees. It demonstrates the geographic range of projects to increase understanding of the distribution of stewardship and investment activity across Austin.
Project locations are mapped based on the best location defined by the City of Austin staff. Some projects may have multiple site locations while others don't lend themselves to an exact location (internships, tree inventories, tree distribution). Where projects aren't mappable points have been stacked along the right side of the map. Data is symbolized by project category: caring, growing, informing, or inspiring. Clicking a map icon will open a pop-up window displaying project data.

Make the most of the Map

Select Legend to understand the symbols on the map.
Select Info and select a mapped point to see details for each project. 
Hover over the map and scroll up or down to zoom in or out.

The projects are funded through the Urban Forest Replenishment Fund, Austin Energy Urban Heat Fund, and Planting for the Future Fund, and represent projects occurring in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018.
executive summary              dashboard              mapping              funding              planning              reflections