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Trees are an essential part of our community and provide us with economic, environmental, and social benefits. They lower our energy bills, clean our water and air, and support improved mood and health. Trees need active stewardship in order to grow and thrive in an urban setting. 
Image of Austin. Text reads, Austin has over 33 million trees, which shade over 30% of the city.

Benefits of Austin’s Trees

Austin’s trees contribute over $36 million in benefits every year! They reduce water runoff during storms by 65 million cubic feet a year, and store 1.9 million tons of carbon (valued at $242 million).
Bar graph showing benefits of trees in a graph - $18.9 million in reduced energy costs, $11.6 million in carbon sequestration, $2.8 million in pollution removal, $2.8 million in avoided health care costs.

Austin’s Tree Species

Diversity in both tree species and age supports the resilience of a community’s urban forest. Climate change brings a multitude of challenges for our native species. The City supports planting native trees, and non-invasive, adapted tree species to increase our urban forest's resiliency.
The following graph shows the top five tree species in Austin.
Austin has over 33 million trees. Ash Juniper: 37%, Cedar Elm: 18%, Live Oak: 8%, Hackberry: 6%, Texas Persimmon: 6%, All others: 25%.
What can you do to support the trees in our community? Visit to learn more.

This page is full of Austin tree facts curated from the USDA’s Austin’s Urban Forest Report. Read the full report here!  
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Austin's trees              projects              investment              planning              about