Austin Watershed Protection

Sitting on Lady Bird Lake off the Colorado River, the City of Austin is fortunate to have an abundance of natural resources. The City’s Watershed Protection Department is the specialized team that protects the community and the environment when those waters are at risk. Austin is vulnerable to flooding, erosion and pollution due to the torrential downpours and rocky landscape that is common in Central Texas.
In 2017, Watershed Protection completed a decade-long effort to digitize more than 16,000 records to form a drainage infrastructure Geographic Information System mapping tool. The new tool will be a resource for homeowners, builders and communities to access unprecedented data from developers, government entities, and more aggregated into a multi-layer digital map. The new map incorporates results of televised storm drain inspections. Televised storm drain inspection utilize mechanized crawlers to find and correct infrastructure deficiencies before they become problematic. Watershed Protection also processed more than 3.2 million data sets to update the City of Austin drainage utility fee. The fee is calculated based amount of impervious cover on any given property. Utilizing the most current information ensures that the fee is administered as accurately and fairly as possible.