Austin Water Utility

Providing more than 50 billion gallons of safe drinking water a year to more than a million customers, Austin Water is the water and wastewater utility owned by the City of Austin. Austin Water plays a critical role in our community’s infrastructure. In 2017, the utility invested in several technology projects that will improve the water systems and provide intelligence for conserving resources.
Austin Water’s work order and asset management system was upgraded to track work in progress. This new functionality for reclaim water and reporting will improve Austin Water’s ability to utilize data analytics.  In conjunction with the new Operations Web Map, users can see work orders and service requests, automated vehicle locations, laboratory testing sites in real time. Paired with tablets optimized for the field, this solution streamlined five other previous applications, greatly improving efficiency and administrative costs.
As part of preparing for a natural disaster or emergency, Austin Water invested in a resilient data center and power infrastructure to protect operations. Additionally, the legacy water laboratory system was given a much needed update. The new system will be able to produce powerful data insights and web functionality for work in the field.
In the coming years, these solutions combined will increase the productivity of Austin Water and offer administrative cost savings. Most importantly, it will support Austin Water’s long-term efforts to provide safe, reliable, high quality, sustainable and affordable water to the community.