Austin Water

Message from the Director
For over 100 years, Austin Water has been providing safe, reliable, high quality, sustainable, and affordable water services so that all community needs are met.  The utility serves over 900,000 retail and wholesale customers across more than 500 square miles.  Austin Water draws water from the Colorado River into three regional water treatment plants, with a combined capacity of 335 million gallons per day.  The utility also treats wastewater, producing high quality effluent that is safely released in to the Colorado River to augment environmental flows.  Over 1.2 billion gallons of this wastewater were reclaimed in FY 2014-15 for outdoor irrigation, industrial cooling, manufacturing, toilet flushing and other uses.  The utility’s award-winning waste conservation division offers public outreach and incentive programs.  Austin Water also manages 40,000 acres of wildlands to protect water quality and endangered species habitat.
 FY 2014-15 was an exceptionally successful year due to the following major accomplishments:
  • Won TCEQ approval of significant revisions to LCRA’s Water Management Plan to secure higher reservoir storage levels for Austin’s drinking water supplies, while preserving environmental flows
  • Successfully operated Water Treatment Plant 4 since November 2014, with seamless service transition
  • Exceeded Council’s goal by achieving a record low consumption rate of 122 Gallons Per Capita per Day
  • Initiated work with a citizen advisory task force to develop a 100-year Integrated Water Resources Plan
  • Repaired almost 7,800 water leaks
  • Replaced or relocated almost 10 miles of water mains
  • Discharged higher quality wastewater than required by state regulatory standards
 Austin Water received the following national and state recognition in FY 2014-15:
  • Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies: Sustainable Water Utility Management Award
  • Partnership for Safe Water: Director’s Award for the Davis Water Treatment Plant in recognition of exceptional performance above the minimum federal requirements
  • National Association of Clean Water Agencies: Platinum and Gold Peak Performance Awards for the South Austin Regional and Walnut Creek Wastewater Treatment Plants, respectively
  • Texas Water Conservation Advisory Council: Blue Legacy Award for industrial, institutional and commercial conservation
  • Texas Section of American Water Works Association: Water Conservation and Reuse Award
  • Texas Section of the Society for Range Management: Outstanding Rangeland Management Award
 Austin Water continues to manage challenges related to water supply resiliency, financial stability, sustainable infrastructure, growth, and regulatory compliance.  As a leader in our industry we adapt to changing conditions, while maintaining the high level of services our customers expect.
 Greg Meszaros, Director             
City of Austin Performance Report 2014-15