Austin Resource Recovery

Message from the Director
The Austin Resource Recovery Department (ARR) provides a wide array of services to Austin’s residents and businesses. Our primary functions include implementation of the ARR Master Plan; curbside trash, recycling, yard trimmings, large brush and bulk waste collection; household hazardous waste management; litter collection; street sweeping; alley flushing; and dead animal pickup.
 In January 2009, the Austin City Council adopted the Zero Waste Strategic Plan, a policy plan committing Austin to a 90 percent reduction in the amount of waste sent to area landfills by 2040. The ARR Master Plan, adopted by the Austin City Council on December 15, 2011, serves as an implementation roadmap. The ARR Mission includes a shift in service focus in support of the Austin City Council adopted Zero Waste goals, moving from a waste collection focus to a materials management focus.
 ARR engaged in the following activities in Fiscal Year 2014-15:
  • Organics Collection – Successfully maintained organics service to 14,000 residents while planning for the rollout of the Organics service to all 190,000 single family households in Austin over the next several years.
  • Construction & Demolition Debris Ordinance – Continued to engage stakeholders in developing C&D collection requirements, guiding the ordinance through several commissions.
  • Waste Composition Studies – Received the results of the comprehensive study and began using the collected data to adjust services or programs.
 FY 2014-15 yielded the following successes in the performance of our core environmental stewardship activities:
  • Diversion: 39.95% Diversion rate for Curbside and HHW Operations.
  • 23.3 pounds of recyclables and 5.69 pounds of yard trimmings collected per household per collection period.
 As ARR is accountable for fiscal responsibility, measures of success in FY 2014-15 include the following:
  • $2.0 million landfill disposal cost avoidance due to diversion programs.
As the Department is responsible for its own customer responsiveness, measures of success include the following:
  • 5,731 Total number of customer contacts through the ARR Customer Care phone banks.
  • 8,748 Total number of contacts and 20 presentations given promoting Zero Waste.
 The Austin Resource Recovery Department is committed to the three legs of sustainability: environmental stewardship, fiscal responsibility, and customer responsiveness.
Bob Gedert, Director
City of Austin Performance Report 2014-15