City of Austin Performance Report 2014-15
The City of Austin's Performance Management System
Managing for Results
Since 1999, the City of Austin has been using a business planning and performance monitoring model called Managing for Results, which links people, dollars, and resources to the results that customers and citizens expect from City services.
Managing for Results is built on the long-standing performance management principles of “Plan, Do, Check, and Act.”
The Managing for Results program in Austin is based on an annual cycle that coincides with the City’s fiscal year. The complete framework represents a continuous cycle of planning, budgeting, reporting and decision-making.
This system seamlessly integrates business planning, budgeting, and performance measurement into a cohesive decision-making model. The goal of Managing for Results is to have an effective performance management system that is accountable to citizens for achieving results.
City departments assess the past, present and future to develop plans for the upcoming fiscal year. Program budgets are developed based on the goals and results departments expect to achieve in the upcoming year. Performance information is collected throughout the year to monitor progress towards achieving department goals and objectives. Having accurate data to measure performance also improves the organization’s ability to make results-oriented business decisions and, ultimately, improve the services we provide to our customers.
The City of Austin's PRIDE Values
Best Managed City and PRIDE Values
The City of Austin’s vision to be the most livable city in the country means that Austin is a place where all residents participate in its opportunities, its vibrancy and its richness of culture and diversity. Austin residents share a sense of community pride and a determination that the City’s vision is not just a slogan, but a reality for everyone who lives here.
Local government plays a critical role in determining a city’s quality of life. In order to achieve the vision of making Austin the most livable city in the country, Austin’s city government has made it its mission to be the best-managed city in the country. City staff is committed to creating a work environment that fosters creative thinking and innovation by the workforce to tackle both today’s challenges and future opportunities. City employees take enormous pride in their work, and the City’s PRIDE values emphasize this. The elements of PRIDE include: Public Service & Engagement, Responsibility & Accountability, Innovation & Sustainability, Diversity & Inclusion, and Ethics & Integrity.
Being “best managed” means that everyone in the organization is doing everything they can to provide the best service possible to the community. The City continues to implement its best-managed mission through transparent business practices, excellence in public service, innovative leadership, and providing services that are reliable, safe, efficient, and above national standards. This report directly supports the Best Managed City mission by first qualifying what success looks like and then quantifying how well we, as a City, are performing.
As a result of our efforts in Managing for Results, the City of Austin has been recognized annually by the Government Finance Officers Association for excellence in budget preparation since 1988 and by the International City/County Management Association for excellence in performance measurement since 2002.

City of Austin Performance Report 2014-15