Austin Convention Center

With hundreds of events and thousands of visitors every year, efficiency and high-quality customer service is critical to Austin Convention Center’s (ACC) successful operation. In 2017, ACC focused on digitizing and streamlining logistics processes and data collection. 
Beginning with the implementation of the Ungerboeck Event Management System, a cloud-based event booking and management systemACC’s efforts resulted in a better experience for event planners, attendees and ACC staff alike. For event planners, the new system offers a unified view of venue and event management, work orders, financials and reporting. 
To keep pace with the constantly evolving customer experience, ACC implemented a client survey through the cloud-based Enterprise Feedback Management platform from Verint Systems. The data gathered by this survey is used to generate ACC’s key performance indicators. Later in the year, the Verint Client Survey was integrated with the Ungerboeck Event Management System to further streamline processes and save hours of administrative effort. 
Finally, and possibly most importantly for event attendees, ACC installed high-density Wi-Fi infrastructure at the Palmer Events Center, providing free connectivity to its clients and visitors. The new system will make a huge difference for banner events year-round.