Austin Code

Message from the Director
The Austin Code Department (ACD) continues to focus efforts on proactive measures to accomplish its mission, such as, public education and collaboration with the community and other City of Austin departments. ACD enforces city codes and ordinances so that Austin will be the most livable city in the county. ACD investigates substandard and dangerous property conditions, zoning regulations, and license and registration programs. City codes and ordinances have been created to protect the health, safety, and quality of life of the community.
In FY 2014-15, ACD implemented several programs that have increased our service delivery and transparency to the community.  Major accomplishments included:
  • Implemented a web-based search engine (Civic Insight) to allow the community to search the status of ACD cases in order to increase transparency.
  • Implemented the Administrative Hearing Process that allows the department to work with the community by keeping cases at an administrative versus a criminal level. This process received 54 cases.
  • Implemented and finished Phase 1 of the Neighborhood Enhancement Team (NET) and collaborated with 24 City partnerships, 7 neighborhood groups, 13 stakeholders and other agencies to serve the needs of the community with compliance challenged neighborhoods and high crime areas.
  • ACD continues to see an increase of caseloads for the Repeat Offender Program that was established to improve the health and safety of residents living in multi-family and single-family rental properties. The program currently consists of 33 properties, 364 buildings and 4,305 units.
  • Engaged and partnered with the community in 93 events including neighborhood association meetings, community cleanups, and city sponsored events.
  • The Emergency Tenant Response and Relocation Program (ETRP), in collaboration with multiple City of Austin departments, established our response to emergencies involving tenant displacement.
  • The department reached 6.5 million community contacts through public outreach campaigns that included: digital quarterly reports, interactive maps, social media, public service announcements, case web-based search engine, and the Austin Code website.
 In FY 2014-15, ACD generated the following results in the performance of our core activities:
  • Responded to 23,271 complaint cases
  • Mailed 6,511 notices of violation (NOVs)
  • Referred 97 cases to the Building and Standards Commission
  • Issued 101 citations and generated 266 nuisance abatement orders
  • Issued 2,782 licenses (including hotel, motel, boarding house, private hauler and short-term rental)
The Austin Code Department continues to help preserve the health, safety and welfare of this great community and believes together we make the community better.
Carl Smart, Director
City of Austin Performance Report 2014-15