Airport Boulevard Corridor

Transportation and mobility improvements are coming to Airport Boulevard between North Lamar Boulevard and US Hwy 183 as part of the Corridor Construction Program, funded in part by the 2016 Mobility Bond

What is proposed for construction

In Spring 2018, the Austin City Council approved a Corridor Construction that includes mobility, safety, and connectivity improvements on Airport Boulevard to accommodate multiple modes of transportation, including driving, walking, biking, and taking transit. 
These projects are expected to:
  • reduce vehicular delay and crashes
  • improve the effectiveness of transit
  • create continuous ADA-compliant sidewalks along the entire length of the corridor
  • create continuous bicycle facilities along the entire length of the corridor. 
More information about improvements for Airport Boulevard can be accessed by clicking on the following links:
Get more information about the Corridor Construction Program at

Airport Boulevard Corridor Mobility Plan

Corridor Mobility Plans are being used as the basis for development of the Corridor Construction Program. The City of Austin finalized a Corridor Mobility Plan for Airport Boulevard in February 2014.
This plan recommends short-, medium- and long-term improvements for safety, mobility, sustainability, and quality-of-life along Airport Boulevard from North Lamar Boulevard to US 183. 
Click on the links below to read the plan.

The Airport Boulevard Corridor Mobility Plan was developed at the same time as, and in coordination with, the Upper Airport Redevelopment Initiative to develop a long-term vision for Airport Boulevard. Learn more about the Upper Airport Redevelopment Initiative.

Stakeholder Engagement

The following outreach was conducted over the course of the Corridor Mobility Plan development process:
  • Initial public workshop on September 13, 2011 (120+ key stakeholders in attendance)
  • Public presentations on October 1 and 3, 2011 (225 participants)
  • Public review forum and business stakeholder meeting on November 28 and 29, 2011 to present for review and feedback on the project’s initial recommendations
  • Stakeholder meetings with transportation and public agencies, major landowners, transportation advocates and interest groups
  • Telephone survey of 25 business and property owners along the southern segments of the corridor
Click here to learn about outreach conducted since the plan was completed, during development of the Corridor Construction Program.
A common theme that emerged throughout the public meetings and stakeholder discussions along Airport Boulevard was the need for adequate movement of additional automobile traffic, but not in a way that would make pedestrian and bicycle travel unattractive to the average user. - Airport Boulevard Development Program (February 2014)

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