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ATCEMS Online Training
Virtual Reality/360 Degree

The project was conceived with the coordination of ATCEMS, the Office of Innovations, and CTM.  This page demonstrates the use of Virtual reality / 360 Degree video and photo media as a training resource that can be leveraged by not only local City and County staff but for statewide responders who may be deployed to areas where no previous training or familiarity with this vehicle would otherwise be available.

Austin Ambus Tour

Experience a self guided 360 Degree tour of the ATCEMS Ambus.  The vehicle has been broken into 5 sections and each can be navigated virtually with capable browsers (the enhanced 360 degree navigation may not be compatible with certain mobile devices).

Austin Ambus - 360 Degree Walk Through

Experience an interactive walk through of the Austin based Ambus as  we start from the drivers cabin and work our way down the vehicle.  We'll be pausing at certain points to highlight specific areas of equipment and features in order for you to navigate and become familiar with the surroundings.  This video is VR compatible and can be viewed using hardware such as Google Cardboard, HTC Vive, Oculus, etc. . .

Dream Team
Keith Noble - ATCEMS
Keith Simpson - ATCEMS
Angela Hanson (mentor) - Office of Innovations
Chad Mayfield - CTM
Marbenn Cayetano - CTM