Connection & Community

An age-friendly community provides options for older adults to participate in accessible, affordable, and fun social activities; find volunteer and/or paid opportunities to stay actively engaged in community life, and connect with businesses that provide a welcoming and safe experience for all age groups and abilities.

Social Participation

Strengthen and develop recreation, leisure and education activities involving and targeting older adults.
  • Strengthen and develop local network of neighborhood programs for senior assistance
Create a City interagency committee to optimize opportunities for senior engagement.
  • Develop an asset map to identify existing and new opportunities for senior social engagement at public libraries, PARD facilities, HHS facilities and schools
  • Identify opportunities for co-located services
  • Develop multigenerational programming at public facilities

Civic Participation and Employment

Increase employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for older persons
  • Improve awareness and coordination of employment services
  • Promote home-based, part-time and job-sharing employment opportunities
  • Distribute brochures on key topics like age discrimination in the workplace, and working while receiving Social Security benefits
  • Encourage local businesses to hire older persons
Increase volunteerism and civic participation among persons age 55+
  • Develop a City of Austin internship or fellowship program for people 55+
  • Publicize volunteer opportunities as well as opportunities for civic engagement
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