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Making Austin a more welcoming place for people of all ages
The City of Austin Commission for Aging, AARP, AustinUP, and other nonprofits worked with Austin leaders to create an Age-Friendly Austin Action Plan, and address eight areas that influence the health and quality of life of all who live in the city: Outdoor Spaces and Buildings, Transportation, Housing, Social Participation, Respect, and Social Inclusion, Civic Participation and Employment, Communication and Information and Community Support and Health Services.
On November 3, 2016, the Austin City Council voted to adopt this action plan and actively work to make Austin a more welcoming and supportive place for our city's current and future seniors. In addition, the community task force has identified critical areas of commonality with the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan and will work on its implementation with the City Council and Imagine Austin staff.
In May 2018, the Commission on Aging recommended to the Mayor and City Council that “the City provide adequate personnel resources for a Program Coordinator to coordinate the implementation of the Age-friendly Austin Action Plan. City Council approved the request and the first-ever position was filled in February 2019. Since the Age-friendly Coordinator has worked to implement the Age-Friendly Action Plan, supports the work of the Commission on Aging, and communicates with all City departments about how their programs can positively impact older community members .The City of Austin with assistance from many aging partners and community members is committed to improvement of  livability across Austin.

Contact Information
For additional information contact: The Age-Friendly Team
The Official Website for the Commission on Aging