City of Austin Performance Report 2014-15

ACC Exhibit Hall and Ballroom Occupancy

Measure Description
The Austin Convention Center (ACC) has five exhibit halls, which provide 247,052 square feet of column-free space and seven ballrooms. The Exhibition Hall and Ballroom Occupancy measures the percentage of gross square footage occupied by revenue generating events in exhibit halls and ballrooms.
Calculation Method
This measure reflects actual occupancy percentages of exhibit halls and ballrooms utilized at ACC. The total gross square footage of the exhibit halls and ballrooms used by revenue generating events is divided by the gross square footage available to use for exhibit halls and ballrooms.
FY 2014-15 Results
In FY 2014-15 ACC achieved a 61% occupancy level, which was 12% above the 49% occupancy goal.  
Assessment of Results
The goal of 49% was established by taking into consideration the timing of the events to ensure that blocks of space were available to perform normal maintenance throughout the course of the year. As depicted in the graph above, the FY 2014-15 occupancy levels were higher than both the goal of 49% and the prior year’s result of 59%. The goal of the Austin Convention Center is to maximize occupancy. The Austin Convention Center’s FY 2014-15 occupancy rate of 61% is mainly due to several back-to-back events booked during the year. This result is approaching the 65% maximum practical capacity for a facility like ours, as set by industry experts. Future occupancy goals will be set based on a 5-year average, adjusted for known anomalies. It is expected that the Austin Convention Center occupancy rate will continue to approach practical capacity, providing for the need to consider expansion. The gross square footage has remained the same for all five years.
Occupancy fluctuates throughout the year due to group demand and seasonality. Every year there is a potential for the group dynamics to change. There is a combination of groups that return annually, along with many that only occupy the facility one time.
Picture of a speaker making a presentation in front of a full atrium.
Next Steps
The Event Sales and Contracting Division will maintain its partnership with the Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Professional Convention Management Association to showcase the Austin Convention Center as a world-class facility, and to bring together a community of professionals, both nationally and internationally.
Contact Information
For more information contact Amy Harris, Sales & Events Manager at (512) 404-4244.