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Equity-Based Preservation Plan

The equity-based historic preservation plan (phase 1, 2021–22) will replace Austin’s 1981 preservation plan with an inclusive, equity-focused, and community-oriented process and outcome. 
A 29-member working group composed of historic preservation professionals, stakeholders from allied fields, and community representatives is tackling pressing questions: 
  • Whose heritage is represented in designated historic properties, and what stories are missing?
  • Who benefits from preservation policies, programs, and incentives? 
  • How can historic preservation tools be expanded to address essential issues such as sustainability, affordability, and displacement?
Plan Timeline
Community Heritage Survey Responses
Nearly 170 individuals completed the Community Heritage Survey. Some of their responses include:
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The Housing & Planning Department partners with the community to shape a more equitable Austin and to prevent the displacement of people and services, using planning disciplines and affordable housing resources.