code inspector posting a warning sign over a dangerous area
The Austin Code Department strives to keep the neighborhood safe. When you think of public safety, the code department may not be your first thought. Rather, sirens, first responders may come to mind. But once the smoke has cleared and the first responders have gone home, the Austin Code Department begins their work rebuilding and protecting the community. Code inspectors work to uphold building, city and property codes to ensure that where you live and work are safe and sound.
Case Investigations Unit
Case Investigations Unit determines the existence of code violations, educates and facilitates voluntary compliance. In FY 2018, the Department investigated 32,258 code complaints of which 11,883 were confirmed code violations. Activities of the unit include enforcement and inspections of building maintenance, land development, land use and property maintenance codes.
a code inspector taking a picture of an alleged code violation
Licensing and Registrations Unit
Licensing and Registrations Unit processes licenses, registrations, and enforces compliance with applicable codes that regulate waste haulers, billboards and signs, hotels, motels, rooming and boarding houses, mobile homes, short-term rentals, sororities and fraternities, and Repeat Offender Program registered properties. In FY 2018, this unit has issued 4370 operating licenses and registrations.
a code inspector crouching down to take a picture of a possible violation
Extended Hours
By May 2018, the department extended service hours to respond to emergencies and provide greater capacity of licensing and enforcement of short-term rentals, repeat offender properties, rooming and boarding houses, and improved capability to proactively inspect and investigate calls for service occurring outside regular business hours.
Online Licensing and Payments
In 2018, we streamlined our licensing and registration programs by collaborating with the City Controller’s Office to provide customers the ability to apply for an operating license and submit hotel occupancy tax (HOT) or operating license payments online. This enhancement offers customers a user-friendly, 24/7 online option to submit payments and documentation.
a person paying a bill using their laptop and their credit card
Support Services
The Support Services program provides administrative and managerial support to the department to enhance service delivery. This program includes financial services, information technology support, code education and outreach, human resources, training, case review escalation, strategic planning, program and administrative services.
With safety as their focus, the Austin Code Department invites Austin residents to remember that together, we make the community better. If you see a dangerous structure, damaged buildings or substandard and hazardous conditions, please call 3-1-1. If you are interested in protecting our community, contact the Austin Code Department at: codeconnect@austintexas.gov.
code inspectors at a training session
The Austin Code Department
For more information, please visit us at www.austintexas.gov/code
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